Saturday, October 24, 2009


kevin george

2010 calendar " one leaf  "   here

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


till later

prints on canvas ?

Why print on canvas ?
Canvas art prints are a medium i've recently become excited about, for several reasons.
First of all, canvas prints can be huge and i like the drama of scale.. also with the extra scale comes the extra potential to play with space. Im interested in the spatial relationships between one thing and another, and the emty space between. Thirdly, without the confining edges of the traditional frame, the image can more easily become part of the room. Traditional framed prints ( which i also like ) offer a  more intimate experience. They invite us to come close and quietly take in their secrets. By contrast, canvas prints, can shout out their presence from the walls, and demand our attention. I like exploring the drama of that.

I welcome the industrial aspect of it, as another quality to be explored. I choose not to print on heavily textured canvas, in the hope that the work will somehow look like a painting. I prefer the smooth canvas surface that photographers use, to enhance the industrial look and to be up front about the fact that it's not a painting, but a medium in is own right.

The first series I've prepared for prints on canvas, are a re-purposing the images from the " one leaf  " calendar.

Please enjoy my " One leaf " canvas prints. Ive had a very nice time with them,  exploring spatial relationships on larger scale, and in particular, exploring the emptyness, between one element and another. It's all about creating tension really. Just the right amount of tension between one point and another, helps space come alive.

to see the " one leaf  " calendar go  here 

Monday, October 19, 2009

" one leaf " canvas prints

all started by scanning in one broken leaf

pair - one leaf , two birds

two birds

one leaf


lizard coming

pair - alarm, and lizard approaching


bird in flight

last to getaway

pole house

pole house and bird flying

view the calendar

view the original one leaf  calendar     here


till later


till later